Council Permits

If a skip bin is placed within your property boundary, no permit is required. Skip bins placed in public areas such as the road or nature strip generally require a permit to be obtained prior to placement.

As each council differs in their requirements, we recommend you visit your local council’s website for more information. Failure to obtain a skip bin permit here necessary may result in a fine.

Council permits can be costly, so wherever possible we suggest for the skip bin to be placed within your property boundary. For this reason, it may be more economical to have two small bins within the property than one larger bin on public property.

Skip Bin Placement & Permits

Do I need a Permit?

When skip bin is placed on a public property, council permit is required.

Please allow adequate time for your application to be processed and approved. Local councils will only issue approval once payment is processed.

You may also require a copy of our Public Liability Policy (PDF) .

Please note we will not deliver your skip bin until the necessary permit has been obtained. You must keep receipt of council approval on site at all times during the skip bin hire period.

How To Obtain Your Permit

Step 1

Find your Council Permit below to download

Step 2

Also find and download our Public Liability Policy

Step 3

Submit your completed documents to your council

Download your Council Permit

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Bin Do I Need?

You can read more about our bins sizes here or ring us on 02 9999 6466 to discuss your size requirements. To estimate the bin you need, simply multiply the length x height x width of your rubbish. For example, waste measuring 2 m x 1.2 m x 2m will require a 3m³ skip bin.

How Do I Book A Skip Bin?

Phone us on 02 9999 6466 and chat to a member of our experienced team. You can also email us at to request a skip bin and estimated delivery time.

How Long Will It Take To Have My Bin Delivered?

We can deliver your bin within 2 to 24 hours, dependent on time and location. We recommend giving a day’s notice for all skip bin deliveries, however we can often arrange for same day delivery.

How Long Can I Keep My Bin?

You can keep the bin for a few hours or up to 2 weeks.

Do I Need To Be Present When The Bin Is Picked Up Or Delivered?

No. If you require the skip bin to be placed in a specific location, you can make note of this when booking.

How Do I Arrange For The Bin To Be Picked Up?

Call us on 02 9999 6466 or send an email to

How Do I Pay For A Skip Bin?

All of our drivers are equipped with payment facilities. We accept Visa, MasterCard, cash and EFT. If you require a tax invoice, please let us know.

How Much Rubbish Can I Place In The Bin?

You can fill to the top of the bin only. Our bins are covered before transporting to prevent waste from falling out. By law we cannot transport bins that have waste above the sides of the bin.

What Can't I Put In My Bin?

Fibro, asbestos, food or putrescible waste, liquid or chemical waste (including paint, oil, fuel or chemicals), gas cylinders, tyres, batteries, mattresses. Should you require any of the above items to be disposed of, please contact us to arrange a safe disposal.

What Should I Do With Asbestos?

Bins for asbestos can be ordered and instructions on the safe handling of asbestos can be downloaded from the NSW Environment Protection Authority.

Do All The Skip Bins Have Rear Doors?

All bins from 3m3 up have wheelbarrow access doors. Our 3m3 bins have drop down doors.

Can The Skip Bin Be Placed On The Road Or Medium Strip?

Yes, but council permits may be required for your skip bin to be placed in a public area. See our Council Permits page for more information..

Will My Waste Be Recycled?

Yes. Brown Bros. Skip Bins is constantly evaluating the way we dispose of your waste and remain strongly committed to the environment. We currently recycle 80% of waste and plan to increase this to 95%.

Can I Set Up An Account?

Download our Credit Application Form here.

Brown Bros are the best – easy to deal with, fast and efficient. We have used them many times for domestic loads plus renovation waste – they can handle all load types of all sizes, no problem. Their drivers are fantastic – friendly, careful and low stress. I cannot recommend Brown Bros enough.
Will Duckworth

Brown Bros gave me good advice on the type of bin, loading limits etc over the phone to help me select the right bin for my property. I was very happy with the drivers who dropped off and picked up the bins.Robert De Cataldo